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Yuba City Dog Training

By Marysville-Dog-TrainingTags Marysville German Shepherd Breeder, Marysville Dog Training , Yuba City Dog TrainingDate Added 26/12/2016Views 233Flag as inappropriate

This tells your dog that you find the behavior worthy of interest. Dogs, being sociable creatures, find most interaction and attention reinforcing. They value it, and will work to get it - and this is not even considering whether or not the dog finds the behavior reinforcing in and of it. So when Yuba City Dog Training, keep in mind that you don't have to actively reward a behavior to reinforce it. Check this link right here http://germandogtrainingcenter.com/dog-personal-protection-training/ for more information on Yuba City Dog Training.Follow Us: http://storify.com/MarysvilleDog




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